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Friday, November 1, 2013

Postcard Giveaway Winner

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone got treats last night, without any tricks.  I spent the two hours of trick or treating trying to print out a manual for a new-to-me sewing machine.  I will blog about it next weekend.  I wanted to read the manual before sewing but since it wasn't with the machine I had to search for it on the internet.  Luckily I easily found it, but for some reason, the wireless printer didn't like printing it from my laptop.  After a frustrating half hour, I decided to print it from the desktop upstairs, which has a direct cord to the printer.  It worked great, although I still had issues.  I was trying to print it on the front and back of a sheet of paper, and, well, it wasn't going smoothly.  In the end I did get it, punched three holes in it and have it all together in a folder.  I've actually read it, too.

My husband did the Trick or Treater's.  He really gets a charge out of the cute costumes and kids.  He decided it would be safer if he sat in the driveway instead of letting them come up onto the porch.  (I think he just wanted to show off his Halloween tee shirt.  He wears it every year.  It is orange and says "I don't do costumes!)   It was a gorgeous evening, so it was no hardship to sit out there.  We buy the nice candy bars and give everyone 1 each.  My husband remarked that quite a few kids asked for more.  While I was out there for a few minutes to provide my husband with a short break, I noticed the same thing.  I looked at the kids who were demanding more and saw a bulging bag of candy and smiled and said "no."  I don't ever remember asking for more when I was a child, either.  The other thing that I noticed:  parents driving the car along with the kids who were walking.  Can't you walk with your child?   All in all, it was a good night.  Last year was dominated by Hurricane Sandy and my husband wasn't even home for trick and treating, so I was glad he got to be here last night.

Anyway, I'm really late in posting the winner for my postcard giveaway, so I'm doing that now.  I had 6 comments on the post.  I had asked everyone to share a nice story about some of the wonderful people you have met through blogging.   I used the random number generator and it came up with number 1!  That is really cool because you rarely see number one win!  Anyway, it is Sheila who said:

Joanne, your postcards are just delightful, I am not sure why you struggle with design because obviously when you do come up with a plan it is wonderful! I hope you keep making them and I would love to win your card. As for wonderful bloggers, I have been very fortunate to make some wonderful friends through blogging and in the past year have met and even gone on a road trip with three of these great friends, it is truly a blessing to have met , Lesley, Linda and Karen !

I will email Sheila and send her the postcard.  See you all next week with a post about my new-ish sewing machine and another fantastic thing I've been dying to show since I got it on Monday!

Have a great weekend,


  1. I can't believe the kids were asking for MORE candy! *geez* What happened to "Thank you"???

    Congratulations to Sheila!

  2. Trick or treating is just catching on in NZ and I understand some are having lots of fun with it. It would be amazing if anyone ever turned up on our doorstep... an 8km long gravel road, with only about 5 houses on it!! Interesting about the attitudes of the kids these days. Congratulations to Sheila on her postcard win :-)

  3. We, too, give the regular sized candy bars and this year there were several children who asked if they could have two. There were also a group that came back a second time. My husband recognized them, so we unfortunately had to say no. Guess it's not surprising in this day and age.