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Monday, November 18, 2013

A Good Weekend

Hi Everyone,

I heard from many of you that commented on my last post about being overwhelmed at this time of year with so much to do!  I am feeling so much better after deciding to cut back on some projects!  I was working away on the second nightgown on Friday and I made good progress.  I don't have much more to do.  I got interrupted when the mail came.  I began this month's Schnibble right after the pattern was announced but I refigured mine a bit and I needed another charm pack.  I ordered it two weeks ago and it finally came on Friday.  To me, it took a long, long time.  I may not order from that shop again, or at least not when I need/want something right away.  Anyway, I've been excited about what I'm doing for the Schnibble, so I jumped back into that project on Friday afternoon.  I'm hoping it will be done in time to share on Wednesday.  We'll see, though.

I knew Saturday was going to be fun!  My favorite area quilt shop is having its annual fat quarter sale!  It began Saturday, so a friend and I drove there to try to be as early as possible.  We got a little lost on the way, though, but we finally got there.  GPS only helps if your phone has service!!  We were in the boondocks, where service was sketchy!

The shop is Millstone Quilts, and I've mentioned it before, but just so you can see how cute it is, here is a picture.

It is in the country and used to be an old mill.  I believe the mill was in existence before the Civil War.  It is fairly tiny, but packed full of all my favorite fabrics!

This is the entrance!

For the fat quarter sale, the shop precuts hundreds of fat quarters and they are displayed in all sorts of containers throughout the shop.  All pre-cut FQs are on sale for $1.50 each!  If you see a bolt of fabric that does not have FQs cut, they will not cut them for the sale price.  The shop isn't far, but we still don't get out there all that often, so it is always fun to go. 

I was thrilled to see that they had Midwinter Reds by Minick and Simpson.  They had all the fabrics, but only 9 were precut into FQs.  I got all nine, and then, because most of those were the cream/tan, I got a few half yard cuts of some of the reds.  They also had Indigo Crossings, (the blue and neutral collection from earlier this year, also by M and S,) and I got quite a lot of them, too.

If you bought a hundred FQs, you got a bonus gift.  I did not get one.  I showed great restraint!  I had a list, and mostly stuck to it.

As you can see, except for the lone green FQ, I pretty much stuck to my "trademark" colors.  That wasn't even intentional!  I had planned to buy no blue, but when I saw the Indigo Crossings, I had to indulge.  It was a fun morning!  We got there, shopped, left, and stopped off in Williamsburg for lunch on the way home. 

I was able to finish piecing my Schnibble, marked it for quilting, and got it layered and pin-basted.  I even began the quilting.  Normally I just do an all-over meander on them, but for this one, I'm doing more of a custom job.  Having the Juki helps.  I will share with you when it is done!  I plan to spend the day working on it and I'm really looking forward to it. 

Have a great day!


  1. Looks like a shop I would LOVE! Why is there nothing like this anywhere near me???
    Great fabrics--and you are a tease about the Schnibble quilt. Can't wait to see it. : )

  2. What a great way to fill the holes in your stash! Sounds like a fun day.

  3. Just look at all of your FQ'S SCORE !!! I love both of those lines of fabric. I am working with the Midwinters reds now in my Nantucket quilt

  4. LOVE your fabric! Funny enough I just got a squishy in the mail last week with both Midwinter Reds and Indigo Crossing in it. I wish one of my LQS would have a sale like that!

  5. Wow, a great sale to go to - love the FQs you came home with - it looks like a neat little shop! I missed your last post but t is good to see you are feeling more on top of things. I had a similar scenario with my latest postcard as my original idea didn't look any good so it was a case of starting from scratch again. Good to hear your sewing is flowing better now, and I'm looking forward to seeing your schnibble.

  6. Cute little quilt shop! Great prices on the fat quarters too.

    You really are moving right along on your Schnibble, was that on your list?

  7. Lovely fabrics.. .ya done good! I'm gonna have to get there some day... mebbe it's a good idea the shop is so far from me tho... *lol*

    Happy stress-less sewing!