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Friday, January 27, 2012

My Little Grass Shacks

After "lurking" and eagerly anticipating last year's parades, I finally decided to try my own fun for Another Year Of Schnibbles.  As I've been reading fellow bloggers, it seems that lots of us fell in love with Carrie's pink version of her own pattern, and I was no exception.  I read somewhere, but I can't remember just where, that someone said it was similar to a mini version of "Cracked Pots."  I just made Cracked Pots for a donation.  You can read about it here.  I realized that it would fun to make (and have) a smaller version, one just for me.

Here it is, I call it "My Little Grass Shacks."

 Since I live in Hawaii, I decided to add a bit of Island flavor with the palm trees in the corners.  I drafted them from a free block on the internet.  If you would like a link, you can find it in the above linked post about my version of Cracked Pots.    Here is a closer look at the palm trees:

Carrie made her version of this pattern into a pillow, but I wanted a quilt.  When I completed the top, I realized that it would be perfect to use a scalloped edge.  I've been wanting to try one for a while now.  I read a tutorial at Bonnie Hunter's blog quiltville and things went really great.  The only change I made was that since this quilt was so small, I used freezer paper to fold and cut my complete curved template.  I used bias binding to fit the curves and it was really easy.  I'm thrilled with the results.  I'm going to try another scalloped edge when I get a chance.  The best tip to remember is to not do curves that are too steep.

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  1. I love that you added your own Hawaiian twist to this pattern! Amazing! My friend and I are going to figure out how to scallop borders together. Thanks for the link.

  2. it makes me think of the Royal Hawaiian hotel.

  3. I just love your Hawaiian flavor quilts! And this one especially. I just love the palm trees and everything about it. I am hoping to make some house blocks this year.. they have always been some of my favorites. :o) xo

  4. I really like your little quilt - those Hawaiian trees are just so cute.

  5. LOL Little grass shacks. Too funny. I'm loving the palm trees though ~ they're perfect. As is the wavy-scallop border. It's got me thinking about hula skirts and mai tais... :)