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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Inevitable Unknown

This isn't a quilting post today.  What is going on in my life first and foremost right now is the fact that we will be moving this summer and the question of "to where" is superceding most everything else.

Everytime a PCS (that is Permanent Change of Station--or a move) approaches, we have  different experiences.  Sometimes we have known almost a year out, sometimes we found out only a month before we left.  Sometimes we plan on going one place and then it ended up changing to another.  Our first time, there was no choice at all. 

I don't know about other military spouses (or members) but for me it is a time so full of possibilities.  What if we went  ________?  Or how would life be like if we lived __________?  For me it is a time to dream a bit. 

Right now, the reality is that my husband (and the 47 other people in his group who are up to PCS this summer) got a list of 48 different assignments (the specific job at a particular place) and he is to go though them and mark his top 10.  Then the "powers that be" decide who is going where and let us know.  When we came here to Hawaii, it wasn't his first choice, but it was in his top 3.  What you have to understand is that the choice isn't purely geographical--the most important thing is the job--which position will be best for my husband's career.  What is also really neat about the past few assignments is that our daughter is grown and no longer lives with us, so we don't have to factor in things like schools and other needs of a child--we have the freedom to go just about anywhere. 

This time is anxious, because our future life literally depends on an uncertain outcome, and yet I do enjoy nurturing all the possiblities.  Once we "find out" I always feel a little let down.  It is good to KNOW, but I miss the dreaming, the "what ifs."  He has sent in his top 10 and we should know maybe as soon as the 21st, but until then, I will be doing more dreaming than quilting.



  1. Hey JoAnne.....what are YOUR top 10? I'd love to know!

    When we were active duty, I used to do the same thing.....dream a little dream! For me, it was always Europe, but we ended up in San Diego area for 14 straight years, then back to New England! Every 3 years, I'd think....Oh Boy....maybe we'll be moving! Nope! But it was good for the equity in the house! Of course, where ever you go, you'll make it a home, and it won't matter two bits where, cuz you'll make it fun, too! :o) That's the best part, exploring, finding new places to enjoy, and joining a new quilt guild! Yay!

  2. I was going to ask the same as Regan.. curious to hear your top ten. Sounds exciting and adventurous considering all the possibilities.

  3. We have been in the same situation before so I understand how you are feeling. I hope it goes well for you :-) Even if we didn't get a top choice there was always a positive in there somewhere. Sometimes it just took awhile to find it!

  4. I remember that feeling, at least you have your top ten we used to nominate our top three hahaha am eager to hear were you will find yourselves :)