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Friday, December 30, 2011

My Quilt Year in Review

Most people are writing and commenting about how quickly the year sped by.  It was a difficult year for us and couldn't go by quickly enough, so now that it is over we are relieved. 

While I didn't "officially" participate in any of the "11 in 11" challenges, I'm proud to say that I fininshed more than 11 quilts this year.

1.  My version of our guild's challenge quilt.  It is hand-quilted!  It wasn't my style fabrics, but it was lots of fun to play with something different.

2.  I made this little guy for my Mom who donoted it to a fundraising auction

This is my husband who left March 20th for Afghanistan.  That is why the year was difficult and seemed to drag.
3.  Oh My Gosh Quilt.  It is off being quilted, but I counted it as done since I gave it to the quilter this year. 

4.  My Thimbleberries version of Eldon (a Laundrybasket Quilts pattern)  After completing this, I am now quite experienced at Y seams.

5.  My Peekaboo quilt for a boy.  You see the effect in the bottom picture where the flaps open to reveal hidden "pictures" inside.

6.  My version of Roll Roll Cotton Bole (A mystery by Bonnie Hunter.)  I did an Americana color scheme and I love how it turned out.  However, there are so many little pieces (a look I LOVE) that the quilt if fairly heavy and I can't sleep under it here in Hawaii.

7.  Granny Squares from the cover of an American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  Fun but lots of bias seams to deal with!

8.  Alex's Quilt which I finished back in June and "put away" for Christmas and then totally forgot to include it--but that was lucky as that box of presents got way delayed--so much that I thought it was lost--but luckily it showed up after Christmas.  It will hopefully go to the post office today.

9.-12.  Four different Aloha Quilts made from the fabric and free pattern by Jennifer Chiaverini.  I made one for me, one I donated to a fundraising auction (it made $225!), and two left over for gifts.

13.  The girl Peekaboo quilt.  Both of them have no designated purpose.  I thought I needed a baby quilt for a gift but then I didn't.  I will put them away for now.

Not numbered because they aren't a quilt, but I did make these three pieces--bags for laptop, purse, traveling, etc.  The patterns are ByAnnie and really fun to make!

14.  The Palm Circle Quilt which I made from a Miss Rosie pattern (with a palm tree in the corner instead of a star.)  This quilt is donated to a charitable group for fundraising purposes.

September 23--My husband got home safe!!!!  The BEST day of the year.  (And FYI, the quilts are put in roughly chronological order so you can see that I spent my time alone quilting!)

15.  Lastly, my daughter's Cake Walk quilt.

I think I got a lot done even though I had a month's staycation in January when I spent time sightseeing with my parents here in Hawaii, and then another 2-3 week staycation when my husband got home.  Plus, I spent a nearly a month on the mainland this summer.

What will 2012 bring?  Can I do 12 in 12?  I have no idea, but I do know it will probably be a moving year, so that will take out at least 1-2 months where I won't have a machine.  (Normally I take Bernie with me in the car when we move, but that isn't possible going to or from Hawaii.)  I think I need a good applique project for the year.  I have one in mind, as a matter of fact.  More on that later.

Aloha and Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year JoAnne! All the best to you and your husband in 2012. Thanks to you both for your sacrifices in serving our country. Loved seeing all of your quilts.