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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacation from Hawaii

Yep, that isn't a misprint.  As you may have been able to tell, I'm on vacation.  At least until tomorrow.  I left home on July 4, so I'm ready to be back home.  I think it is funny that when you live in Hawaii, your idea of a great vacation seems rather dull to others.  I have been in SW Michigan, at my parents'; in Indiana to see my daughter and sister and neice and new brother-in-law, and step-neice; and down to Alabama to visit with a good quilting/army friend.

My parents picked me up at Chicago's O'Hare after an overnight (sort of) flight.  It was only 12:30 AM my time, so it was a really short night.  I had a bit of a nap and then we went to the beach:
No, it isn't the ocean, it is Lake Michigan.   What I really couldn't get enough of here were the lush greens and the gorgeous flowers, especially the hydrangeas.  They were just splendid.

I took more photos of them, but I think this is a good sample.  Of course, it isn't SW Michigan without lighthouses.
This is the St. Joseph Lighthouse, where my parents live.
"Big Red" in Holland, Michigan
And South Haven at sunset.

I did go to Shipshewana, twice.  I saved room for the pie the first time, boy was it good, best of all, I think I figured out how to recreate it!  I did some fun fabric shopping, of course, and then my mom directed me upstairs to a neat shop with Americana decorations, and treen (for which I have a weakness.)  I was going to be "good" and walk away, but the shop owner told me the treen was 20% off.  So I caved in.  It wasn't difficult.  Then I was looking at a patriotic sampler, and he came by and said that stuff was 30% off.  So now I have shipped a total of 7 packages home!  It isn't all Shipshewana purchases, though.  I also made it to JoAnn Fabrics 5 different times.  (To three different stores)  I feel like one of those people who live in remote areas and only get into "civilization" once or twice a year and have to shop for the whole time until the next visit.  Oh, wait..  LOL

Anyway, it has been such a great visit, and best of all, it ate up nearly a month of waiting time until my husband is back from Afghanistan.  I'm planning on going home and diving into all my new projects and hopefully, the rest of the time will fly by.



  1. I'm so glad you are having fun while your hubby is away.....so many military wives just sit and waste away while their hubby is deployed. Visiting family is the best, and it sounds like you really enjoyed your whole visit! Yay!

    One question.....what is treen?

  2. Your trip sounds wonderful. I have lived in the Islands for well over 40 years so my vacations are back to my roots,the eastern seaboard. My favorite places all involve water however. We miss you and are looking forward to your return "home" soon. =!=

  3. Sounds like a wonderful vacation to me, and besides my mom always told me that a change is as good as a rest. If you have that recipe for the raspberry pie figured out would you consider sharing it?...please?