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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Making a List and Checking it Twice

No, I'm not Santa, nor am I working on a Christmas List.  (I think I already have most of that figured out.)  Nope, this is much more important!  Today I'm going to Shipshewana!  It is an Amish town here in Indiana and is full of quilting shops!  I have been making a list for several months now, in anticipation of this day.  Not only is the shopping exciting, but also the eating.  The Blue Gate restaurant has homemade chicken and noodles which I have to have every time I go.  They also have the most incredible pies.  The past few times I have gone, I've been too full for their Raspberry Cream Pie, but today I'm determined to have some, even if I have to skimp on the rest.
I will try to remember to take some photos and give a full report tomorrow.  My one consolation is that if I forget anything or regret any unmade purchases, I know I will be going back again on Monday.  I'm meeting Linda from  The Quilted Pineapple to give her my Omigosh quilt.  She is going to work her magic on it with her gorgeous quilting!  I'm also excited to meet a fellow blogger.

One more word about blogs, I've added a link to one entitled Nature's Images.   It is my Mom's brand new photography blog and she is sharing some of her awesome photos and the stories behind the pictures.  It will be wonderful eye-candy for those who like birds, sunsets, flowers, butterflies, lighthouses, etc.



  1. Raspberry Cream Pie.....I say order dessert first, then take home leftovers from the rest of the meal.....gotta have pie! Yum!

  2. Have a great time.....how fun to meet a quilt blogger friend :-)