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Monday, June 30, 2014


Hi Everyone,

I was absent most of last week as I was busy, busy working around the house.  I finished up most of the on-going quilt projects in my sewing room and so it was time to start dismantling things in there.  My fun wall of minis around my sewing machine came down.



It's quite a difference, isn't it?  See the hardhat on the table in the "after" picture?  Maybe you remember a year ago last Christmas when I nearly knocked myself out on the low rafter in the attic.  This week, my husband met with the same rafter and attempted to scalp himself.  I thought it might need stitches, but once we put ice on it, it was okay and it is healing nicely now. Now he is wearing the hard hat when he goes into the attic.  He hit his head while removing all of the empty boxes from the attic.  Every military family knows to keep the original boxes for electronics, collectibles, small appliances, etc.  They now reside in my sewing room, too.

But even though my room is becoming chaotic, it is still functional!  I'm working on Pam Buda's Market Day sew along and the final step is Friday, so I want to be able to get it together.  Meanwhile, I am finding a few minutes here and there to still "play" and have some quilting fun.  A couple weeks ago, I mailed off a box of quilts to be long-armed, and I realized that I should prepare the binding and set it aside, so I've been working on that.  Already I lost one of the fabrics but was finally able to find it (I'm ashamed to say it is in the basket of bindings...  go figure!)  Also, when I was packing up the layered quilts that I am supposed to be quilting (there seems to be quite a lot more than I remembered,) I came across a smallish one and decided I could quilt that pretty quickly, so I did.

This was the fun sew-along that the Temecula Quilt Shop had around Valentine's Day.  Since I was in the 'binding zone" I went ahead and cut some for it and got it all finished!  It's even washed and crinkly.

Also on Wednesday, our refrigerator went out.  (Remember that we are renting, so it isn't really "ours.")  I discovered it around 10 AM.  By that time, it was so warm in there and the freezer, that I lost lots of food.  Since we are moving, we had enough salad dressing, etc. to get by, but now I have to replace it all again just to pass it on or toss it out when we move at the end of July.  Grrr!  I am so not happy.  Meanwhile, the landlord doesn't seem too excited about replacing it/fixing it, either.  A repairman came on Saturday and determined the problem and no course of action has been taken so far.  We do have our own fridge in the garage, but it is small and inconvenient.

The good new is that my husband is flying away to a job interview this week!  It would be really nice if he gets the job.  We have a back-up plan if he doesn't find a job, though.  More than likely we will be moving to Indiana.  We are excited about that as our daughter lives there and it would be really nice to be so near to her.

I'll be back tomorrow!  It is time for the big reveal of the Blogger Girls BOM so be sure to stop back.  I'm so excited to show mine--it turned out so pretty, and I'm really excited to see the other Blogger Girls' quilts, too.

Have a great day!


  1. You really know how to make the most out of every minute in the day! Best of luck to your husband on the job interview.

  2. Thanks for the update. I feel like I know you (from your blog and Instagram), so I was eager to hear of your progress with packing and your plans for moving. Best wishes for the job interview(s).

  3. Wishing your husband every success with his interview. You are so capable to be juggling all these balls in the air and carrying on with your passion as well. Now I remember where my predilection for keeping boxes comes from. I grew up in a military family. Everything that comes into the our house in a box, I carefully save the packing materials and the boxes in storage. After 28 years of marriage, we have only moved three times and my husband has tossed all the boxes I saved. But now I am wishing he hadn't done that as I try to pack away our treasures.

  4. Good luck with the interview this week ~ fingers crossed. HATE when appliances fail ~ I have little patience with stuff like that, too! Indiana? You'd be closer to Michigan, too! LOL Shipshiwanna and Grand Rapids AQS ... so many great quilt opportunities!

  5. The wall of mini quilts looked so very good. Now very plain looking without. But you will be on to new adventures soon and all the quilts can come back out.

  6. You are accomplishing so much! If the job doesn't come through (and I hope it does), Indiana is a great place for quilters!

  7. Replacing a beautiful wall of mini quilts in your sewing room with stacks of boxes does not sound fun!
    Hope the job works out!
    Love the little Temecula heart quilt. I remember watching you make that one and doing my best to resist (which I actually did).
    Looking forward to the reveal of the blogger girls quilt. : )

  8. WOW You have been a busy girl ! I do not know how you find time to sew with everything going on to prepare for your move. Fingers crossed that your hubby's interview goes well .

  9. Love, love, love your heart quilt! When I saw this earlier in the year I went right over and printed out the pattern so I can make on too. Yours looks wonderful :-) Maybe you will move to Florida :-)

  10. Wishing your husband all the best for his interview. Funny about saving boxes...my DH has been out of the Army since 1974 - we still save those electronic, specialty boxes. Old habits never go away completely. Your wall of minis looked so wonderful - sure you will find a new wall to call your own and it might be a larger area so you can add to it.

  11. Best Wishes to you and your husband as you move into the next phase of your lives! And don't you love quilting as a stress reliever?

  12. Wow! These are really exciting times. I'll keep you all in my prayers that everything will go as you need.

  13. What an attractive sewing area with all the mini quilts on the wall. May I ask how were they hung without damaging the walls? There are quilt guilds and nice quilt shops in Indiana.