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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another quilt finish and a thrift store find

The next quilt I'm featuring that I finally got quilted and bound is Alex's quilt.  I blogged about it before and after way over-thinking the corner squares and getting some much needed intervention and advice from some good quilting friends (thanks Joan and Kim) I finished the top, layered it, and promptly added it to the pile.  I finally quilted it on Sunday and it came out great.
So far I free motion a meander over my quilts.  But, I'm going to learn to do other things.  Somday...

Yesterday I popped into the thrift store on post becasue I was too early for the post office.  I looked around and didn't really see anything, but I had some more time to kill, so I kept looking and my eye finally fell on something in the bedding/linen section.  It is a hand crocheted coverlet/throw and it is marvelous.
Here is part of it.  It looks very LeMoyne star/tumbling blocks, doesn't it?

What is really neat?  The little crocheted pompoms!  They remind me of the fuzzy ball trims that are so popular right now, but they are all crocheted, not fuzzy.  I love it!  I have no idea where I'm going to display it, but I had to have it.  Oh, and one of the volunteers told me she had just put it out on the shelf.  It had been consigned that morning by an older woman who said her mother made it.

Today I'm back to hand stitching binding.  Anyone have any good streaming Netflix recommendations?  Yesterday I finally watched Whalerider--it was really good.



  1. Wow, what a find, JoAnne! That coverlet looks to be in great shape! Yay!

    And your quilt is wonderful.....love all the colors....it's so happy!

    If you're looking for fmq designs, check out Leah's at DayStyleDesigns.com.....she is doing a 365 pattern project, and each design has a 2-3 minute video of her showing exactly how its done. I've used at least a dozen of her fill patterns already.....they are really fun, and the videos REALLY helps.

  2. I just finished watching The Survivors; a British television series...2 seasons. I quite enjoyed it. about survivors after a global pandemic of the flu. Very thought provoking...

  3. p.s. I love how this little quilt finished up. Glad to see you left the orange and yellow. The little pinwheel corners was really all it needed!